Online services

These online services are designed to allow applicants, attorneys and other users to conduct their EPO business electronically in a secure state-of-the-art environment.

Improving online services

We have initiated a major programme to improve IT support for the filing and processing of patent applications.

Find a professional representative

If you need to consult or appoint a professional representative, you can find one on our regularly updated database.

Online Filing

Use the Online Filing software to file EP, Euro-PCT and PCT applications; submissions in EPO opposition, appeal, limitation and revocation proceedings; and subsequently filed documents for all EP proceedings.

Online Filing 2.0

Allows you to file applications in a modern Web-based application accessible from your browser.

MyEPO Portfolio

Allows you to view your application portfolios and documents, receive your EPO Mailbox communications, and perform procedural acts in response to communications from the EPO. 

Web-Form Filing

Allows you to upload and submit Annex F-compliant PDF documents.

Central Fee Payment

We offer several convenient and user-friendly methods of paying patent fees online.

Outages of Online Filing and fee payment services

Notices of outages of Online Filing and fee payment services for the current and previous calendar years are listed on a dedicated webpage.

My Files

My Files allow you to view published and unpublished files via a secure connection.


The Mailbox service allows professional representatives to receive communications from the EPO online.


The Administration facility allows you to specify which members of your staff can access the online fee payment and mailbox services.

Oral proceedings calendar

Check dates, times and other details of public EPO oral proceedings on oppositions or appeals.

Smart card and security

We take your online security and confidentiality very seriously. Security features are implemented using SSL, smart cards, and PKI technology.

Form Helper

Form Helper gives you an overview of all the forms issued by the EPO, together with their procedural implications.

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