Improving the EPO's online services

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Under Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan 2023 the EPO is working towards a digital transformation that will deliver new online tools to better address user needs. Key Initiative 3 (Develop a new online user engagement) and Key Initiative 5 (Continue to digitalise and modernise Corporate Services) aim at improving online services to our users.

Help us improve our services

A guiding principle of this work will be user consultation. If you would like us to invite you to provide input or feedback or take part in tests and pilot projects, please fill in the following form.

Current projects

Online Filing 2.0 pilot project for DOCX filing

User area services pilot

We are looking for volunteers to actively participate in the pilot of the EPO's new user area. The pilot, which started on 2 November 2021, is planned to run for at least six months. The user area will bring several services, including electronic notification in EPO proceedings and ways to view and manage patent application portfolios, together in one place and offer a modern, simplified approach to procedural submissions.

It is designed to improve the exchange of digital information, simplify procedures, and enable more direct interaction with EPO examiners on files.

Please note: When gathering user feedback, we will try to ensure a fair balance of users in terms of their profile, company size, location and level of expertise. So, even if we do not contact you immediately, we will save your details and get back to you when we need your support.

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