Ann-Veronica Janssens’s first solo exhibition in China

Lamp standing on floor shining onto wall, breaking the light into different colours such as purple, bright blue, but mainly vivid green

Renowned Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens has held her first solo exhibition in China, at M WOODS Museum, Beijing. The exhibition, which took place 30 June – 26 November and was titled "pinkyellowblue", offered a meditative journey through Janssens' 40-year career, principally characterised by colour, light and changing perceptions of space.

Janssens' works fill spaces with soft tones that create a sense of warmth and calm. The luminous atmospheres invite viewers to immerse themselves in colour and light in a way that heightens the senses and sparks new forms of perception. The artworks resonate with both philosophical traditions of East Asia, particularly Buddhism, and the use of colour and light in art movements such as Op Art and Minimalism. 

The EPO art collection also includes an artwork by Ann-Veronica Janssens that tests the limits of perception. The sensory experiences created by the artist address the relationship between our feelings and our perception of reality.