Software update

Information for users who have activated the Live Update function in the Online Filing (OLF) software

  1. Users who have activated the Live Update function are automatically sent any new patches or fixes, which they can then download and install.
  2. A small number of patches are not covered by the Live Update function, however. These are as follows:
    • New versions of the Online Filing software (e.g. version 5).
    • Patches which might affect workflow or availability during normal working hours at the user's end (e.g. patches which change the structure of a database or which introduce a new procedure).
    In order to avoid any problems at the user's end, new versions of the software and the patches referred to above are publicised and made available to users on the Download software page.
  3. Users wishing to be kept up to date about new software versions, updates, patches and fixes can sign up for the RSS feeds on the Online services page.
    All new software components can be downloaded and installed as soon as they are available on the Download software page.

Notes on installing patches

Before installing a new patch, users should first send any applications they have already prepared to the EPO, WIPO or the relevant national office(s). This will ensure that deadlines for submission are not missed owing to long waiting times during installation.

From version 4 of the Online Filing software onwards a new naming system will make it easier for users to identify the order in which patches and fixes should be installed.