How much does a European patent cost?

Fees are charged for filing (including, if applicable, an additional fee for the 36th and each subsequent page), search, designation of contracting states, claims (if more than fifteen), examination and grant and publication. Renewal fees are also payable for the third year and each subsequent year after the date of filing until a European patent is granted or until the proceedings have otherwise been closed.

The filing and search fees due at the beginning of the procedure currently amount to at least EUR 1 655 (or EUR 1 805 if the application is filed on paper). The remaining fees are payable later. That gives applicants the opportunity to decide at each stage of the procedure whether or not to continue with their application. As a rough guide, it currently costs on average EUR 6 800 (or EUR 6 950 if the application is filed on paper) to take a patent application through to the grant stage.

At the post-grant stage, competence is transferred to the contracting states designated in the European patent. In some contracting states, costs may be incurred for validation of the European patent there. In order to maintain the patent, renewal fees must be paid in each designated state in which the European patent has been validated. The amount of the renewal fee varies from state to state.

The overall cost of obtaining a European patent may also include fees for the services of a patent attorney. Further details of these costs can be obtained from any patent attorney authorised to act as a professional representative before the EPO (see the searchable database of professional representatives on this website).