Processing of PCT Direct letters 

PCT Direct letters filed with the receiving Office will be transmitted to the EPO as International Searching Authority and to the International Bureau of WIPO together with the search copy and record copy, respectively.

At the EPO as International Searching Authority, the examiner performing the international search will take informal comments filed under PCT Direct into account when preparing the international search report and written opinion, provided that they meet the requirements (a) and (b) listed in GL/PCT‑EPO B‑IV, 1.2.1, and that they are in the form specified in GL/PCT‑EPO A‑IV, 1.2.

The written opinion will reflect this by acknowledging the PCT Direct letter and addressing its content insofar as it is relevant to the international search procedure. The examiner, however, may make explicit reference to the earlier search opinion only if it is annexed to the PCT Direct letter.

In accordance with the PCT provisions on file inspection, PCT Direct letters will be available to the public on WIPO's PATENTSCOPE.

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