This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Background art   F-II, 4.3

Format of background art citations   F‑II, 4.3.1


Basis for international preliminary examination   C‑II, 8

Basis for the search   B‑III, 2.1, B‑XII, 3

Subject of the search   B‑III, 2.1

Supplementary international search (SIS)   B‑XII, 3

Basis of the written opinion (WO‑ISA)   B‑XI, 2

Applications containing missing parts or elements, or correct parts or elements, incorporated by reference   B‑XI, 2.1

Applications filed in Dutch   B‑XI, 2.2

Bibliographic elements   B-X, 9.1.1

Biological material   F-III, 6.1

Deposit of biological material   F‑III, 6.3

Inventions relating to biological material   F‑III, 6

Public availability of biological material   F‑III, 6.2

Biotechnological inventions   G-II, 5.2

Exclusions and exceptions for biotechnological inventions   G‑II, 5

Bonus effect   G-VII, 10.2

Broad claims   B-III, 2.5, F-IV, 4.22

Clarity and interpretation of claims   F‑IV, 4.22

Subject of the search   B‑III, 2.5

Burden of proof as regards the possibility of performing and repeating the invention   F-III, 4

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