Annex IV
Time limits 
Charts showing time limits to be met by applicants 
The EPC provides for three types of time limit: 
Time limits computed from the actual or deemed date of filing or the date of priority 
Time limits of a duration laid down in the EPC which are computed from an event other than the date of filing or priority 
Time limits laid down by the EPO in the course of the grant procedure 
The EPO reminds applicants of all time limits of types 2 and 3 above, apart from those for further processing (see point 5.10.007) and re-establishment of rights (see points 5.10.008-5.10.009).
The charts below are particularly designed to help applicants keep track of time limits of type 1. 
Chart A relates to a European patent application which is a first filing.
Chart B relates to a European patent application which claims the priority of an earlier application and is assumed to have been filed ten months after the earlier application.
The charts do not take into account the special time limits which apply to European divisional applications and new European patent applications filed in accordance with Article 61(1)(b) (see Rules 16(2), 51(6) and 60(2)).

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