EPO User Day 2019: Engaging with our users on our strategic plan, online services and sustainable technologies

More than 160 participants from 110 companies attended this year’s User Day – an opportunity for the EPO to receive direct feedback from our users, and for IP professionals to share their experiences, and discuss procedural and technical matters face-to-face with EPO experts.

The annual event, which took place on 24 September in The Hague, was attended by patent attorneys, paralegals and other IP specialists from 19 countries. It featured a mix of interactive plenary sessions and practical workshops on key topics such as the EPO’s online services, opposition and appeal procedures, and sustainable technologies.

Opening the conference, Roberta Romano-Götsch, the EPO’s Chief Operating Officer for Mobility & Mechatronics, presented the latest developments at the EPO and the policy directions for the coming years as set out in the Office’s Strategic Plan 2023: “In today’s rapidly evolving patent landscape, we need to remain agile and respond to the changing needs of our users. Their feedback is essential to help us to continue delivering high-quality patents and efficient services, so that we can fulfil our mission of supporting innovation and contribute to a smarter, safer and more sustainable world.

In her afternoon keynote, Ms Romano-Götsch spoke about the future of mobility, patents and the benefits of sustainable technologies in the global race against climate change. Other plenary sessions focused on the quality and timeliness of the European patent granting procedure, and also included a demonstration of the new Espacenet which will be launched soon and will make the EPO’s vast patent and technology database an even greater resource for industry, investors, researchers and policymakers worldwide.

In hands-on workshops, participants learned about and could try out various tools and services, for example related to web-based online filing and PCT applications. Presentations from the conference are available on the event website.

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EPO User Day 2019 The Hague