Designation filed in a separate document 

Where the designation is filed in a separate document it must contain the surname, given names and full address (to meet the customary requirements for postal delivery) of the inventor, the statement, referred to in Art. 81, indicating the origin of the right to the patent and the signature of the applicant or his the appointed representative.

In the case of assignment, the words "by agreement dated ..." suffice, in the case of inventions by employees a mention that the inventor(s) is/are employee(s) of the applicant(s) and in the case of succession a mention that the applicant(s) is/are heir(s) of the inventor(s).

The designation of inventor must be signed by the applicant or his the appointed representative. With regard to the signature, the provisions set out in A‑VIII, 3.2 to 3.4, apply.

The EPO does not verify the accuracy of the information given in the designation of the inventor.

If the designation of inventor is filed subsequently, the requirements set out in A‑VIII, 3.1 apply.

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