A‑VII, 3.4 Documents filed as evidence - Guidelines for Examination
Documents filed as evidence 

Documents which are to be used as evidence may be filed in any language. This applies to all proceedings before the EPO and, especially, to publications (for instance, an extract from a Russian periodical cited by an opponent to show lack of novelty or lack of inventive step). However, the department dealing with the case may require a translation of the document or relevant parts thereof in one of the official languages of the EPO, at the choice of the person filing the document. If the document is filed by the applicant in pre-grant proceedings, the EPO should require a translation of the document or relevant parts thereof, unless the examiners are fully competent in the language concerned. In opposition proceedings the same principles apply, taking into account the interests of all parties. The time limit for filing the translation will be specified by the competent EPO department on a case-by-case basis. It will depend on the particular language concerned and on the length of the document or relevant parts thereof, taking into account the provisions of Rule 132 (minimum of two months, maximum of four months, exceptionally six months)(see E-VIII, 1.2). If the required translation is not filed in due time, the EPO may disregard the document in question.

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