Analysis of the application 

When taking up an application to be searched, the search division should first considerconsiders the application in order to determine the subject of the claimed invention taking account of the guidance given in B‑III, 3. For this purpose it should make makes a critical analysis of the claims in the light of the description and drawings. It should The search division in particular considerconsiders the content of the claims, description and drawings sufficiently to identify the problem underlying the invention, the inventive concept leading to its solution, the features essential to the solution as found in the claims and the results and effects obtained (see, however, B‑III, 3.5). Furthermore, where technical features which are not present in the claims are indicated in the description as essential for the solution of the stated problem, these features should be are included in the search (see F‑IV, 4.3(ii), and T 32/82).

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