Different types of search reports drawn up by the EPO 

The EPO will draw up the following types of search reports:

European search reports (see B‑II, 4.1);
supplementary European search reports concerning PCT applications (see B‑II, 4.3);
"search results under Rule 164(2)" (see C‑III, 2.3);
international search reports under the PCT (see B‑II, 4.4);
international-type search reports (see B‑II, 4.5);
search reports drawn up on behalf of national offices (see B‑II, 4.6); and
search reports further to special work. 

Further, in the examination procedure, accounts containing the results of additional searches are drawn up when necessary and are not published (see B‑II, 4.2). However, the documents cited therein may be used in the examination procedure (see C‑IV, 7.2).

This chapter sets out the requirements for search reports of types (i) to (v) only, although it is the intention that all search reports drawn up by the EPO are as similar as possible.

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