This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Date of filing or priority date as effective date   G-IV, 3

Date of filing, date of priority   G-VII, 2

Date of reference for documents cited in the search report   B-VI, 5

Documents published after the filing date   B‑VI, 5.4

Doubts as to the validity of the priority claim   B‑VI, 5.3

Extension of the search   B‑VI, 5.3

Intermediate documents   B‑VI, 5.2

Matters of doubt in the state of the art   B‑VI, 5.6

Non-prejudicial disclosures   B‑VI, 5.5

Verification of claimed priority date(s)   B‑VI, 5.1

Debit orders for deposit accounts held with the EPO   A-II, 1.4

Deciding what is to be considered the main invention   B-XII, 10.2

Declaration of priority   F-VI, 3.2

Defects   A-II, 4.2

Clarity, conciseness, support and formal defects   B‑XI, 3.2.4

Correction of defects and errors   H‑IV

Defects in the priority claim   A‑VI, 1.4

Correction of the priority claim upon invitation   A‑VI, 1.4.1

Failure to correct   A‑VI, 1.4.2


Definition by reference to use or another entity   F‑IV, 4.14

Definition in terms of function   F‑IV, 6.5

Definition of essential features   F‑IV, 4.5.2

Definitive content   F-II, 2.2

Deletion of part of the claimed subject-matter   H-III, 3.3

Dependent claims   B-XI, 3.2.3, F-V, 9, G-VII, 13

Independent and dependent claims   B‑III, 2.6, F‑IV, 3.3

Search on dependent claims   B‑III, 2.7

Support for dependent claims   F‑IV, 6.6

Deposit of biological material   F-III, 6.3

Derogations from the language of the proceedings in written proceedings   A-VII, 3

International applications filed in Dutch   A‑VII, 3.2

Priority documents   A‑VII, 3.3

Third-party observations   A‑VII, 3.4

Written submissions   A‑VII, 3.1

Description (formal requirements)   F-II, 4

Background art   F‑II, 4.3

Computer programs   F‑II, 4.11

Industrial applicability   F‑II, 4.8

Irrelevant matter   F‑II, 4.4

Manner and order of presentation   F‑II, 4.9

Physical values, units   F‑II, 4.12

Reference in the description to drawings   F‑II, 4.6

Reference signs   F‑II, 4.7

Registered trademarks   F‑II, 4.13

Technical field   F‑II, 4.2

Technical problem and its solution   F‑II, 4.5

Terminology   F‑II, 4.10

Description and claims   A-VII, 1.2.3

Sentences or short fragments of the description and/or claims in a language other than the language of the proceedings   A‑VII,

Technical or non-technical terms used in the description and/or the claims in a language other than the language of the proceedings   A‑VII,

Despatch of a further written opinion (Form 408)   C-IV, 2

Files arriving late   C‑IV, 2.4

Procedure when the EPO was not the ISA   C‑IV, 2.1

Procedure when the EPO was the ISA   C‑IV, 2.2

Request for a further written opinion   C‑IV, 2.5

Supplementary international search (SIS) by another office   C‑IV, 2.3

Determination of the closest prior art   G-VII, 5.1

Determination of the invention first mentioned in the claims   F-V, 8.2

Determining priority dates   F-VI, 2

Examining the validity of a right to priority   F‑VI, 2.1

Priority claim not valid   F‑VI, 2.3

Same invention   F‑VI, 2.2

Different categories   B-III, 2.9

Claims in different categories   G‑VII, 13

Different types of search reports drawn up by the EPO as ISA   B-X, 2

Difficulties in performing the invention   F-III, 5.3

Disclaimer disclosed in the application as originally filed   H-III, 3.5

Disclaimers not disclosed in the application as originally filed   H-III, 4

Subject-matter to be excluded is disclosed in the application as originally filed   H‑III, 4.2

Subject-matter to be excluded is not disclosed in the application as originally filed (so-called undisclosed disclaimers)   H‑III, 4.1

Discoveries   G-II, 3.1

Disparaging statements   F-II, 7.3


Documents cited for other reasons   B‑X, 9.2.8

Documents cited in the application   B‑IV, 1.4, B‑X, 9.2.7

Analysis of the application prior to searching   B‑IV, 1.4

Categories of documents (X, Y, P, A, D, etc.)   B‑X, 9.2.7

Documents defining the state of the art and not prejudicing novelty or inventive step   B‑X, 9.2.2

Documents forming the basis of the international preliminary examination   C‑III

Added subject-matter   C‑III, 4

Amended sheets   C‑III, 3

Sheets filed under Rule 20.6 containing missing parts or elements or correct parts or elements   C‑III, 2

Substitute sheets and rectified sheets   C‑III, 1

Documents in a non-official language of the (S)ISA or IPEA   G‑IV, 4

Machine translations   G‑IV, 4.1

Documents newly found in the top-up search, when further objections are present   C‑IV, 5.3

Documents noted in the search   B‑X, 9

Categories of documents (X, Y, P, A, D, etc.)   B‑X, 9.2

Identification of documents in the search report   B‑X, 9.1

Identification of relevant passages in prior-art documents   B‑X, 9.4

Relationship between documents and claims   B‑X, 9.3

Documents published after the filing date   B‑VI, 5.4

Documents relating to the theory or principle underlying the invention   B‑X, 9.2.5

Documents relevant only to other inventions   B‑VII, 5

Documents which refer to a non-written disclosure   B‑X, 9.2.3

Doubts as to the validity of the priority claim   B-VI, 5.3

Drawings   A-V, F-II, 5

Abstract and text matter of the drawings   A‑VII, 1.2.1

Amendments derived from drawings   H‑III, 6

Amendments to drawings   A‑V, 10

Claims with explicit references to the description or drawings   B‑III, 2.2.1

Consistent use of reference signs in the description, claims and drawings   A‑V, 7.5.4

Consistent use of reference signs in the drawings   A‑V, 7.5.5

Conventional symbols   A‑V, 9

Drawings of lines and strokes   A‑V, 7.1

Execution of drawings   A‑V, 7

Expressions or drawings contrary to morality or public order   F‑II, 7.2

Form and content of the drawings   F‑II, 5.1

General layout of drawings   A‑V, 5

Graphic forms of presentation considered to be drawings   A‑V, 1

Graphic forms of presentation not considered to be drawings   A‑V, 11

Grouping of drawings   A‑V, 2.1

Height of the numbers and letters in the drawings   A‑V, 7.5.3

Numbering of sheets of drawings   A‑V, 4.2

Photographs   F‑II, 5.2

Photographs or coloured drawings   A‑V, 1.2

Presentation of drawings   A‑V, 2

Presentation of the sheets of drawings   A‑V, 4

Prohibited matter   A‑V, 6

Reference in the description to drawings   F‑II, 4.6, F‑IV, 4.17

Reproducibility of drawings   A‑V, 2.2

Requirements regarding the paper used   A‑V, 3

Scale of drawings   A‑V, 7.4

Technical drawings   A‑V, 1.1

Text matter in drawings   A‑V, 8

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