General disclaimer   G‑I, 1

General layout of drawings   A‑V, 5

Numbering of figures   A‑V, 5.2

Page-setting   A‑V, 5.1

Whole figure   A‑V, 5.3

General power of attorney   A‑VIII, 1.12

General remarks and definition   G‑IV, 1

General statements, "spirit" of invention   F‑IV, 4.4

Generalisation of essential features   F‑IV, 4.5.3

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G‑VI, 5

Graphic forms of presentation considered to be drawings   A‑V, 1

Photographs or coloured drawings   A‑V, 1.2

Technical drawings   A‑V, 1.1

Graphic forms of presentation not considered to be drawings   A‑V, 11

Chemical and mathematical formulae   A‑V, 11.1

Tables   A‑V, 11.2

Grouping of drawings   A‑V, 2.1

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