This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

General disclaimer   G-I, 1

General layout of drawings   A-V, 5

Numbering of figures   A‑V, 5.2

Page-setting   A‑V, 5.1

Whole figure   A‑V, 5.3

General remarks and definition   G-IV, 1

General statements, "spirit" of invention   F-IV, 4.4

Generalisation of essential features   F-IV, 4.5.3

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G-VI, 5

Graphic forms of presentation considered to be drawings   A-V, 1

Photographs or coloured drawings   A‑V, 1.2

Technical drawings   A‑V, 1.1

Graphic forms of presentation not considered to be drawings   A-V, 11

Chemical and mathematical formulae   A‑V, 11.1

Tables   A‑V, 11.2

Grouping of drawings   A-V, 2.1

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