Machine translations   G‑IV, 4.1

Main ISA found that unity of invention is lacking   B‑XII, 10.3

Making suggestions   B‑XI, 3.3

Manner and order of presentation   F‑II, 4.9

Manner of appointment of an agent, common agent or common representative   A‑VIII, 1.5

Mathematical theories   G‑II, 3.3

Matter contrary to public order or morality   G‑II, 4.1

Matters of doubt in the state of the art   B‑VI, 5.6

Matters to be determined as regards use   G‑IV, 6.2

Agreement on secrecy   G‑IV, 6.2.2

Example of the accessibility of objects used   G‑IV, 6.2.4

Example of the inaccessibility of a process   G‑IV, 6.2.5

Use on non-public property   G‑IV, 6.2.3

Methodology   G‑III, 2


Methods for treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy and diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body   B‑VIII, 2.1

Methods of filing with the EPO as receiving Office   A‑II, 1.2

Filing of applications by delivery by hand or by post   A‑II, 1.2.1

Filing of applications by fax   A‑II, 1.2.2

Filing of applications by other means   A‑II, 1.2.4

Filing of applications electronically   A‑II, 1.2.3

Methods of payment   A‑III, 3

Microbiological processes   G‑II, 5.5

Minimum requirements for according an international filing date   A‑II, 4.1

Multiple independent claims   B‑XI, 3.2.2

Multiple independent claims per category   B‑VIII, 4

Multiple priorities   F‑VI, 1.5

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