This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Objection of lack of support   F-IV, 6.3

Objections arising from missing essential features   F-IV, 4.5.1

Objective of the search   B-II, 2

Observations by third parties   E-II

Examination of observations by third parties   C‑VII, 3

Obvious mistakes and missing or correct parts/elements   B-III, 2.3

Correct elements or parts notified after the start of the search and additional fee   B‑III, 2.3.4

General considerations   B‑III, 2.3.1

Incorporating missing parts or elements, or correct parts or elements, completely contained in the priority document   B‑III, 2.3.3

Request for rectification of obvious mistakes (Rule 91)   B‑III, 2.3.2

Obviousness   G-VII, 4

Omission of matter from publication   F-II, 7.5

Only variants of the invention are incapable of being performed   F-III, 5.1

Opinion given in the IPER (Form 409)   C-VIII, 1

Opinion on novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability   B-XI, 3.2.1

Optional features   F-IV, 4.9

Options open to the applicant following receipt of the ISR and WO‑ISA   B-XI, 8

Oral disclosure, etc.   B-VI, 2

Order of claims   F-IV, 4.23

Organisation and composition of the documentation available to the Search Divisions   B-IX, 1.1

Origin of an invention   G-VII, 9

Other procedures in examination   C-VII

Confidentiality   C‑VII, 2

Examination of observations by third parties   C‑VII, 3

Request for an interview or telephone consultation   C‑VII, 1

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