This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Same invention   F-VI, 2.2

Scale of drawings   A-V, 7.4

Schemes, rules and methods of doing business, performing purely mental acts or playing games   G-II, 3.5

Scientific theories   G-II, 3.2

Scope of the search   B-III, 1, B-XII, 4

Characteristics of the search   B‑III, 1

Completeness of the search   B‑III, 1.1

Effectiveness and efficiency of the search   B‑III, 1.2

Search in analogous fields   B‑III, 1.3

Search on the internet   B‑III, 1.4

Supplementary international search (SIS)   B‑XII, 4


Search Division consisting of more than one examiner   B‑I, 2.2

Search documentation   B‑II, 3, B‑IX

Non-patent literature arranged for library-type access   B‑IX, 4

Non-patent literature arranged for systematic access   B‑IX, 3

Patent documents arranged for systematic access   B‑IX, 2

Search in analogous fields   B‑III, 1.3

Search on dependent claims   B‑III, 2.7

Search on the internet   B‑III, 1.4

Search procedure and strategy   B‑IV

Analysis of the application prior to searching   B‑IV, 1

Procedure after searching   B‑IV, 3

Search report   B‑II, 4, B‑IX, 2.3, B‑X

Amended classification of late-published search reports   B‑V, 3.1

Amended international search report   B‑IV, 3.2

Amendments before receipt of the search report   H‑I, 2

Areas of technology searched   B‑X, 6

Authentication and dates   B‑X, 10

Classification of the patent application   B‑X, 5

Copies to be attached to the search report   B‑X, 11

Date of reference for documents cited in the search report   B‑VI, 5

Different types of search reports drawn up by the EPO as ISA   B‑X, 2

Documents noted in the search   B‑X, 9

Filling out the search report   B‑XII, 6

Form and language of the search report   B‑X, 3

Identification of documents in the search report   B‑X, 9.1

Identification of the patent application and type of search report   B‑X, 4

Preparation of the search report   B‑IV, 3.1

Restriction of the subject of the search   B‑X, 8

Title, abstract and figure(s) to be published with the abstract (as indicated on supplemental sheet A)   B‑X, 7

Transmittal of the search report and written opinion   B‑X, 12

Use of "P" documents in the search report   B‑X, 9.2.4

Search strategy   B‑IV, 2

Carrying out the search   B‑IV, 2.3

Closest prior art and its effects on the search   B‑IV, 2.5

End of search   B‑IV, 2.6

Formulating a search strategy   B‑IV, 2.2

Record of search strategy   B‑X, 3.4

Reformulation of the subject of the search   B‑IV, 2.4

Restrictions   B‑IV, 2.1

Subject of the search   B‑IV, 2.1

Types of documents   B‑IV, 2.3

Searched claims did not comply with unity of invention   C-V, 3

Payment of additional search fees under protest   C‑V, 3.2

Payment of additional search fees without protest   C‑V, 3.1

Searched claims did not comply with unity of invention no request for payment of additional search fees   C‑V, 3.3

Second non-medical use   G-VI, 7.2

Second or further medical use of known pharmaceutical products   G-VI, 7.1

Secondary indicators   G-VII, 10

Arbitrary choice   G‑VII, 10.1

Bonus effect   G‑VII, 10.2

Commercial success   G‑VII, 10.3

Long felt need   G‑VII, 10.3

Non-functional modification   G‑VII, 10.1

Predictable disadvantage   G‑VII, 10.1

Unexpected technical effect   G‑VII, 10.2

Sectional figures   A-V, 7.3.1

Selection inventions   G-VI, 8, G-VII, 12

Inventive step   G‑VII, 12

Novelty   G‑VI, 8

Sentences or short fragments of the description and/or claims in a language other than the language of the proceedings   A-VII,

Sequence listings   B-XI, 7, C-VIII, 2.1

Completing the IPER   C‑VIII, 2.1

Fee for the late furnishing of sequence listings   A‑III, 5.3, A‑III, 7.4

Nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings   F‑II, 6

Sequence listings filed after the date of filing   H‑II, 2.2.3

Written opinion   B‑XI, 7

Shading   A-V, 7.2

Sheets filed under Rule 20.6 containing missing parts or elements or correct parts or elements   C-III, 2

Signature   C-II, 7

Special provisions   A-IV

PCT Direct service   A‑IV, 1

Withdrawals   A‑IV, 2

Special requests   C-IX

Complaint against the findings at the search stage   C‑IX, 4

Request for examination of a different set of claims   C‑IX, 2

Request for examination of certain claims only   C‑IX, 3

Withdrawal of demand under Chapter II   C‑IX, 1

Special technical features   F-V, 2

Standards and standard preparatory documents   G-IV, 6.5

Start of the international preliminary examination   C-VI, 1

Formal requirements to be met before the start of the international preliminary examination   C‑II

State of the art   B-VI, 2

Documents defining the state of the art and not prejudicing novelty or inventive step   B‑X, 9.2.2

Matters of doubt in the state of the art   B‑VI, 5.6

State of the art at the search stage   B‑VI

Conflicting applications   B‑VI, 4

Contents of prior-art disclosures   B‑VI, 6

Date of reference for documents cited in the search report   B‑VI, 5

Filing and priority date   B‑VI, 5

Internet disclosures   B‑VI, 7

Oral disclosure, etc.   B‑VI, 2

Priority   B‑VI, 3

State of the art   B‑VI, 2

Technical journals   B‑VI, 7

Subject matter   

Subject-matter according to Rules 39.1(i), (iii), (v) and (vi)   B‑VIII, 2.2

Computer-implemented business methods   B‑VIII, 2.2.1

Subject-matter excluded from search   B‑III, 2.10

Subject-matter of a dependent claim   F‑IV, 3.5

Subject-matter to be excluded from the search   B‑VIII

Multiple independent claims per category   B‑VIII, 4

No meaningful search possible   B‑VIII, 3

Subject-matter to be excluded is disclosed in the application as originally filed   H‑III, 4.2

Subject-matter to be excluded is not disclosed in the application as originally filed (so-called undisclosed disclaimers)   H‑III, 4.1

Subject-matter which the ISA is not required to search and examine   B‑VIII, 2

Methods for treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy and diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body   B‑VIII, 2.1

Subject of the search   B-III, 2, B-IV, 2.1

Anticipation of amendments to claims   B‑III, 2.4

Basis for the search   B‑III, 2.1

Broad claims   B‑III, 2.5

Combination of elements in a claim   B‑III, 2.8

Different categories   B‑III, 2.9

Independent and dependent claims   B‑III, 2.6

Interpretation of claims   B‑III, 2.2

Lack of unity   B‑III, 2.12

Nucleotide and amino acid sequences   B‑III, 2.11

Obvious mistakes and missing or correct parts/elements   B‑III, 2.3

Reformulation of the subject of the search   B‑IV, 2.4

Restriction of the subject of the search   B‑X, 8

Search on dependent claims   B‑III, 2.7

Subject-matter excluded from search   B‑III, 2.10

Technological background   B‑III, 2.13

Submissions prompted by a restriction of the search or a declaration that no search is possible   C-IV, 4.1

Subsequent application considered as first application   F-VI, 1.4

Substantive requirements of the application   G

Industrial application   G‑III

Inventions   G‑II

Inventive step   G‑VII

Non-prejudicial disclosures   G‑V

Novelty   G‑VI

Patentability   G‑I

Prior art   G‑IV

Substitute sheets (Rule 26)   H-IV, 1

Substitute sheets and rectified sheets   C-III, 1


Sufficiency of disclosure   F‑III, F‑III, 1

Burden of proof as regards the possibility of performing and repeating the invention   F‑III, 4

Cases of partially insufficient disclosure   F‑III, 5

Insufficient disclosure   F‑III, 3

Inventions relating to biological material   F‑III, 6

Proper names, trademarks and trade names   F‑III, 7

"Reach-through" claims   F‑III, 9

Reference documents   F‑III, 8

Sufficiency of disclosure and clarity   F‑III, 11

Sufficiency of disclosure and Rule 20.5(e) or Rule 20.5bis(e)   F‑III, 10

Sufficiency vs. additional subject-matter   F‑III, 2

Summaries, extracts or abstracts   B-X, 11.5


Supplementary international search (SIS)   B‑XII

Basis for the search   B‑XII, 3

Combination of SIS and Chapter II   B‑XII, 11

Copies of documents cited in the SISR   B‑XII, 9

Explanations under Rule 45bis.7(e)   B‑XII, 7

Filling out the search report   B‑XII, 6

Limitation of the search for reasons other than non-unity   B‑XII, 5

Non-unity   B‑XII, 10

Scope of the search   B‑XII, 4

Supplementary international search (SIS) by another office   C‑IV, 2.3

Time limits   B‑XII, 2

Validity of priority and E/P documents   B‑XII, 8

Supplementary search fee   A‑III, 6.2

Refund of the supplementary search fee   A‑III, 9.4

Supplementary search handling fee   A‑III, 6.1

Support for dependent claims   F-IV, 6.6

Support in description   F-IV, 6

Definition in terms of function   F‑IV, 6.5

Extent of generalisation   F‑IV, 6.2

Lack of support vs. insufficient disclosure   F‑IV, 6.4

Objection of lack of support   F‑IV, 6.3

Support for dependent claims   F‑IV, 6.6

Surgery, therapy and diagnostic methods   G-II, 4.2

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