This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Tables   A-V, 11.2

Formulae and tables   F‑IV, 2.4

Tables in the claims   A‑V, 11.2.2

Tables in the description   A‑V, 11.2.1

Taking into account results of an earlier search and classification   B-IV, 1.1

Technical drawings   A-V, 1.1

Technical features   F-IV, 2.1

Special technical features   F‑V, 2

Technical field   F-II, 4.2

Technical journals   B-VI, 7

Technical or non-technical terms used in the description and/or the claims in a language other than the language of the proceedings   A-VII,

Technical problem and its solution   F-II, 4.5

Technological background   B-III, 2.13

Terminology   F-II, 4.10

Terms like "about", "approximately" and "substantially"   F-IV, 4.7

Test for "completely contained"   H-II,

Text matter in drawings   A-V, 8

Third-party observations   A-VII, 3.4, B-IV, 1.3

Analysis of the application prior to searching   B‑IV, 1.3

Derogations from the language of the proceedings in written proceedings   A‑VII, 3.4

Time limit   B-II, 5, B-XII, 2, C-VI

Extension of the time limit   C‑VI, 3

Start of the international preliminary examination   C‑VI, 1

Time limit for international preliminary examination   C‑VI, 2

Timing, basis and forms   C-IV, 5.1

Title   F-II, 3

Amendments to the title   H‑III, 7

Title, abstract and figure(s) to be published with the abstract (as indicated on supplemental sheet A)   B‑X, 7

Top-up searches in PCT Chapter II   C-IV, 5

Documents newly found in the top-up search, when further objections are present   C‑IV, 5.3

Exemptions from top-up search   C‑IV, 5.2

Intended positive IPER and top-up search   C‑IV, 5.4

Timing, basis and forms   C‑IV, 5.1

Trademarks   F-IV, 4.8, H-II, 2.2.7

Clarity and interpretation of claims   F‑IV, 4.8

Content of the application as "originally" filed   H‑II, 2.2.7

Proper names, trademarks and trade names   F‑III, 7

Registered trademarks   F‑II, 4.13

Translation of the previous application   F-VI, 3.4

Transmission of demand to the International Bureau   C-II, 12


Transmittal fee   A‑III, 4.1

Transmittal of the abstract to the applicant   F‑II, 2.6

Transmittal of the search report and written opinion   B‑X, 12

Two-part form   F-IV, 2.2

Two-part form unsuitable   F‑IV, 2.3

Two-part form "wherever appropriate"   F‑IV, 2.3.1

Types of documents   B-IV, 2.3

Types of non-written disclosure, in particular use, and instances of prior art made available in any other way   G-IV, 6.1

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