Patent research grants – call for proposals 2019

10 April 2019

Academic researchers at work

The EPO is pleased to announce a new call for proposals for funding under its Academic Research Programme

The EPO recognises the importance of high-quality research on patent-related intellectual property (IP) matters to inform policymakers and facilitate sound business decisions in a context where intangible assets, innovation and IP rights have become pivotal in the economy. With this research programme, the EPO seeks in particular to encourage more academic research on the role of patents in the European economy and to promote the dissemination of research results.

Under the programme, grants of up to EUR 100 000 are awarded in respect of selected proposals on patent-related matters. The first two calls for projects (2017 and 2018) attracted up to 110 proposals from 21 European countries, of which 11 have been selected. The results of the first five projects will be disseminated by the EPO as of 2019 through dedicated events and publications.

The 2019 call for projects addresses the following thematic areas spanning various disciplines including economics, IP management, and data sciences:

  • Measuring the impact of patents on innovation
  • The role of patents in technology transfer, commercialisation, and/or investment decisions
  • Patent services and intermediaries
  • Patents and disruptive technologies (AI, Blockchain, 3D, etc.)
  • Impact of public policy and the regulatory landscape on the use of patents by SMEs and PROs across Europe
  • Patents and climate change mitigation technologies
  • Advanced use of PATSTAT, patent searching, and analytics (e.g. classification, potential of IP linked open data)

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 12 June 2019.

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