“Back to the future”: EPO supports TEDx event

11 November 2019

The EPO yesterday participated in TEDxMünchen, an event in which scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders shared insight from their respective areas of expertise. The conference marked the second time the Office has partnered with TEDx in 2019, following the TEDxYouth workshop hosted at the EPO's Isar headquarters in July.

EPO video booth: inspired attendees shared ideas on how to change the world for the better. The best ideas were shown on stage at the end of the event.

Through the theme "back to the future", presenters looked at innovative projects that could have a positive global impact in the years to come. The presenters also delved into existing ideas and values that may still be relevant for future generations.

700 participants attended TEDx München at the Kammerspiele

Knowledge sharing and dialogue are not only central to the TED philosophy, but also resonate with the Office. To highlight this, the EPO hosted a video booth at the event. Attendees were invited to record their own 60 second mini TED Talks and encouraged to share ideas or messages aimed at creating a better world. The most interesting and inspiring talks were featured on stage later in the event.

Collaborating with TEDxMünchen afforded the Office an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the city of Munich and its residents. Local partnerships of this kind will continue to be relevant as the EPO meets its new strategic objectives.

About TED and TEDx

TED is a non-profit organization that achieved global acclaim through its TED Talk conference. Since inception 30 years ago, the annual event has featured well-known presenters such as Bill Gates, Jane Goodall and Sir Richard Branson. The conference spawned TEDx: A series of events managed by local organisers in cities worldwide. TEDxMünchen forms part of this series.

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