Introducing Inventors Revisited, the new EPO video and podcast series

28 September 2020

Inventors RevistedThe Office today has published Inventors Revisited, a new video and podcast series in which the EPO reconnects with former finalists and winners of the European Inventor Award. Throughout the series, viewer will be able to learn the latest inventions and innovation trends, while getting a rare glimpse at cutting-edge research. Due to coronavirus imposed travel restrictions, the entire series was produced digitally, highlighting the role innovation can play in overcoming the current challenges.

In addition to covering new technology, the series also explores the effect of the European Inventor Award on the inventors themselves, their work, and wider society. Steve Lindsey, who previously licensed his energy-saving compressor, describes the impact the Award had on his business: “The awards were really important to us. They generated far more publicity than we expected, got a lot of people talking about us and asking: could we go a step further and actually manufacture ourselves?” Lindsey now produces the compressor in his new smart factory, the first facility of its kind in the UK.

Molecular biologist Laura van ’t Veer speaks on the personal effect of the Award: “I had no idea that I would win. And when I won, it felt like I was really recognised. The Award is important in the acceleration of making inventions available to the public.”

The inventors featured represent a variety of fields ranging from cancer diagnosis to satellite tracking. The series also provides insight into diverse intellectual property (IP) strategies, with researchers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists all discussing the significance of IP in their respective areas.

The entire Inventors Revisited video series is available on the EPO website. Currently, several podcasts can be downloaded or streamed, with new episodes to be added in the weeks ahead. The podcasts have also been syndicated across, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

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