For the third time, the EPO participates in the international Girls’ Day

22 April 2021

International Girls’ Day

Over the past two weeks, about 140 schoolgirls have met with the EPO as part of  Girls' Day in the Netherlands and Germany.

At each of its sites in The Hague and Munich, about 70 teenage girls participated in an online event that provided a fun, informative view at careers in science or technology. The girls learned about the patent granting process, watched a presentation on amusing inventions, met some of the Office's female leaders, and participated in various interactive and entertaining exercises.

Organised under the lead of VHTO in the Netherlands and of kompetenzz in Germany, the Girl's Day is an annual international  event aimed at reducing the gender imbalance in STEM fields by encouraging young girls to become interested in the science and technology world at an early age. Technical companies, (non-)governmental organisations and research institutes open their doors to teenage schoolgirls to highlight successful women in STEM professions and show that these careers can be exciting and rewarding.

The EPO is proud to support Girls' Day and 2021 marks the third time that the Office has arranged activities to participate in the event. It aligns with the EPO's efforts to achieve gender equality within the organisation and increase the number of female examiners over time.

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