Patent Knowledge News launched

8 June 2021

Patent Knowledge News

The EPO has launched its new online magazine Patent Knowledge News, which will feature news, updates and facts relating to patent knowledge from the EPO and beyond.

Available in a dedicated section of under Searching for patents, Patent Knowledge News will include:

  • information on updates to and developments in the EPO's tools, data and services
  • articles about interesting aspects of patent searching
  • special features on patent systems around the world, and specifically in Asia
  • tips and tricks on how best to use Espacenet, PATSTAT, Global Patent Index and many other services in everyday business life
  • the latest trends in game-changing and future and emerging technologies - and how to gain insights with the help of patent knowledge
  • "Patenticulars", an infotainment section with interesting particularities and peculiarities from the patent information world

New articles will be published every two weeks. To avoid missing an article, users can subscribe to the EPO newsletter, which will feature Patent Knowledge News in every edition.

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