Launch of survey to help us to shape the EPO's future payment functionalities

9 June 2021

Today, 9 June 2021, the EPO issued an invitation via email to EPO smart card holders and users of the credit card payment service to take part in a survey on batch payments and future fee payment functionalities.

As you may already know, the EPO is planning to decommission Online Fee Payment in the second half of 2022 after transferring all its functionalities to the new centralised fee payment service currently under development.

At present, this centralised service enables fees to be paid by credit card, bank transfers to be prepared and refunds to be claimed. The option to pay fees from a deposit account will be made available in autumn 2021. The ability to manage deposit accounts and automatic debit orders will be added before Online Fee Payment is then decommissioned.

Your answers will help us provide a payment service that meets your needs, so it's vital that we receive as much feedback as possible. Many thanks in advance to all who take part!


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