High-growth technology business forum: Build-to-sell

23 November 2021

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On 18 November, the EPO’s European Patent Academy together with the Licensing Executive Society International (LESI) held their fourth High-growth technology business forum. The forum aims to bring leading experts together to share their knowledge and provide practical insights for innovation stakeholders such as technology start-ups, scale-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This event was specially designed for business decision-makers who aim to grow and sell their high-tech businesses.

Juergen Graner, the CEO of a US business consultancy firm, chaired the event’s panel of international experts. He was joined by the entrepreneur, lawyer and professor Ching-Cheng “James” Hou, the CEO of a Viennese high-tech incubator Irene Fialka and the US M&A lawyer Patrick Monroe. Together they explored three engaging case studies presented by Paul Atherton. Each concerned one of the many companies that Dr Atherton, a specialist in UK high-tech start-ups, has helped found, build, inspire and lead over the previous four decades.

Dr Atherton shared his experience both of securing patents and defending them against infringers, offering strategic insights into when to fight and when to settle. Either way, he said, “patents play an important role in enabling you to achieve the best possible outcome for your technology.”

The panel then took the audience on a journey of discovery, through the inner workings of the success stories that Dr Atherton shared. The forum concluded with an optional 60-minute meet-the-speakers session, during which participants could ask questions. Dana Colarulli, the Executive Director of LESI, hosted the event. A summary of take-away messages from the panel of experts will soon be available on our dedicated webpages.

The High-growth technology business forum is part of the joint EPO-LESI work plan to strengthen co-operation in innovation support.

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