Rule 113 – Signature, name, seal - The European Patent Convention, Implementing Regulations – to the Convention on the Grant of European Patents, Part VII – Implementing Regulations to Part VII of the Convention, Chapter I – Decisions and communications of the European Patent Office

Rule 113
Signature, name, seal

Any decisions, summonses, notices and communications from the European Patent Office shall be signed by, and state the name of, the employee responsible. 
Where a document referred to in paragraph 1 is produced by the employee responsible using a computer, a seal may replace the signature. Where the document is produced automatically by a computer, the employee's name may also be dispensed with. The same shall apply to pre-printed notices and communications.

Art. 90, 94, 97, 101, 110, 115, 128, 153

Cross-reference list
EPC EPC 1973
R. 113R. 70

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