Sheets filed under Rule 20.6 containing missing parts or elementsa missing element

If an applicant omits to file partspart(s) of the application or an entire elementand/or (an) entire element(s) thereof (i.e. all of the description and/or all of the claims), it may still furnish it (them) at a later date without affecting the international filing date, subject to the requirements of Rules 4.18 and 20.6(a) and provided the missing part(s) and/or element(s)or the missing element were completely contained in the priority document (see Euro-PCT Guide, points 81-8754-59).

The examiner checks whether the RO's assessment of the "completely contained" criterion was correct (see GL/PCT-EPO H‑II, 2.2.2).

See also GL/PCT-EPO H‑II,, for the impact on the IPER.

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