European Inventor films win three Master Class awards


"Best Media Solution" prize for EPO films on inventor awards

Awards photoThe jury at this year's Corporate Media Awards praised the European Patent Office for its fifteen films on the European Inventor Award 2011, which were "first-rate films of the highest quality, a prime example of successful communication between specialists and the general public".

Along with its production company G+K of Frankfurt, the EPO was one of the biggest winners at the 2011 Corporate Media event in Stuttgart, carrying off three awards for a set of films conceived by its Communication Department - a "Master of Excellence Award" plus top prizes in the categories "Best Media Solution (Science Cluster)" and "Corporate Films, Features and Documentaries". Among the other prize-winners were companies of the stature of Mercedes-Benz, Allianz, Bayer, Porsche and Siemens.

The jury of international experts was particularly impressed by the concept and implementation quality of the fifteen portraits of the European Inventor Award nominees, finding that they showed "outstanding creativity in making a European issue comprehensible to the general public in a varied and professional fashion". Each film gives a 90-second account of what the nominated invention does, who invented it and where he or she works, forming the nucleus of a story in which the EPO shows the public how inventions fuel the development of European industry, create jobs and change our daily life for the better. The jury's assessment is based on a detailed strengths-and-weaknesses analysis focusing on European communication and media trends, and with 451 points out of a possible 500 the EPO's films scored highly on all criteria.

Films on the European Inventor Award nominees in previous years had already earned the Integrated TV & Video Association's ITVA Award; and in 2009 the Office's self-portrait film was shortlisted for the World Media Festival in Hamburg.

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