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labour inspection ProPrIm 20


language of proceedings A 14(3)-(7), A 70(1); R 1-4, R 44(5)


exceptions in oral proceedings R 2




Administrative Council A 31


documents from parties R 1(1)


documents which have to be filed within a time limit A 14(4); R 1(1)


EPC A 177


EPOff A 14; R 1-7


European divisional application R 4


Eur. pat. appl. A 14(1),(2),(6)


European Patent Bulletin A 14(8)(a)


European patent specification A 14(7)


evidence R 1(3), R 2(6)


international application A 158(2),(3); R 104(1)


letters rogatory R 99(2)


Official Journal of the EPO A 14(8)(b)


oral proceedings R 2


Register of European Patents A 14(9)


search report R 44(5)


lapse of the Eur. pat. A 99(3); R 60(1), R 92(1)(p)


law and order see security


legal and administrative co-operation see administrative and legal co-operation


legal co-operation A 131; R 72, R 97-99


Legal Division A 20; R 9(2)


appeal lying from decisions of the ~ A 106(1), A 110(3)


as a department charged with the procedure A 15(e)


decisions A 20; R 68


organisation R 12(2)




national ~ ProPrIm 20


letters rogatory A 131(2); R 99




~ of the EPOrg A 9(1),(2),(4)


personal ~ of employees A 9(3)




exclusive ~ R 22(1)


registration R 20, R 21


sub-licence R 22(2)




contractual ~ A 73


linguistic errors see errors in documents


list of depositary institutions and experts R 28(9)


list of professional representatives see representatives


loss of rights A 122(6); R 69, R 108

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