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date of filing


accordance A 90(1)(a),(2), A 162(2)


definition A 80


entry in the Register of European Patents R 92(1)(b)


Eur. pat. appl. A 80


in the European search report R 44(3)


new Eur. pat. appl. A 61(2)


of a divisional application A 76(1)


re-dating A 91(6); R 43


rights of the same date A 139


date of priority A 61(2), A 76(1), A 89


in the European search report R 44(3)


rights of the same date A 139


date of receipt R 24(2),(4)


- see date of filing


death or legal incapacity R 60, R 90(1), R 101(7), R 102(2)(a)


decisions R 68ff


corrections of errors R 89


excluded from inspection R 93(b)


fixing the amount of costs A 104(3)


form R 68, R 70


given in Contracting States on the right to grant ProRecog 9, ProRecog 10


grounds or evidence A 113


notification A 119; R 68(1), R 78(1)


partial transfer of rights by virtue of final ~ R 16


subject to appeal A 106


under appeal R 66(1)


declaration of priority see priority


deficiencies see corrections and rectification


appeal R 65


disclosure of ~ by the Examining Division A 96(2); R 51(2)


examination on filing as to formal requirements A 90(2), A 91(2),(6); R 39, R 41-43


notice of opposition R 56(1),(2)


delivery of mail see notification


departments of the EPOff see European Patent Office, special departments of the EPOff


dependent claims see claims




Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms R 28a(5)


depositary institution R 28(1)(a),(c)


equivalence of European filing with national filing A 66


instruments of accession and ratification A 165(2), A 166(3), A 172(3)


microbiological material R 28, R 28a


deposit accounts RFees 5(2), RFees 8(2)


depositary institutions see deposit, list of depositary institutions


deputy chairman of the Administrative Council A 27


description A 78(1)(b)


amendment A 123(1),(2), A 138(2); R 1(2), R 2(6), R 41(1), R 51(1),(2), R 57(1),(3), R 57a, R 58(2), R 86


content R 27


correction R 88


different ~ for different Contracting States R 16(2),(3), R 87


for determining the extent of protection A 69(1)


presentation R 35


sequence listings R 27a


- see application documents


designated Office


EPOff as ~ pursuant to the PCT A 149(2), A 150(3), A 153; R 107




joint ~ A 149


of Contracting States A 61(1), A 76(2), A 79, A 80(b), A 128(5)(e), A 136(1); R 15(1), R 26(2)(h), R 49(2), R 51(10), R 53, R 58(7), R 62, R 96(1)


designation fee A 79(2),(3), A 91(4); RFees 2(3), RFees 9(2)


EPOff as designated or as elected Office R 106(b), R 107(1)(d), R 108


European divisional application A 76(3); R 25(2)


new Eur. pat. appl. A 61(3); R 15(2)


payment A 91(1)(e), A 91(4)


period of grace R 85a(1),(2)


refund A 77(5)


surcharge on the ~ RFees 2(3b),(3c)


- see application documents


diagnostic methods A 52(4), A 54(5)


diagrams R 32(3)


different applicants see applicants




grouping R 12


Directorates-General R 12


disciplinary authority


over other employees A 10(2)(h)


over professional representatives A 134(8)(c), A 163(7)


over senior employees A 11(4)




insufficient ~ A 100(b), A 138(1)(b)


non-prejudicial ~ A 55; R 23


of the invention A 83; R 28(1)


summary of the ~ R 33(2)




excluded from patentability A 52(2)(a)


dislocation of proper functioning of the EPOff R 85(4)




between Contracting States concerning the EPC A 173


between the EPOrg and employees of the EPOff A 13


concerning immunities ProPrIm 23, ProPrIm 24


concerning the right to grant ProRecog 1-11


divisional application see European divisional application




excluded from file inspection R 93(d)


language A 14(1)-(5); R 1


mentioned in search report A 92(2); R 44(1)-(4)


name, signature, seal R 70


notification R 77


number R 35(2), R 36(1),(4), R 61a, R 66(1), R 104(1)


requests for ~ R 59


transfer ProPrIm 10




amendments A 123(1),(2), A 138(2); R 1(2), R 16(2),(3), R 41(1), R 51(1),(2), R 57(1),(3), R 57a, R 58(2), R 66(1), R 86, R 87


as part of a Eur. pat. appl. A 78(1)(d)


correction R 88


different ~ for different Contracting States R 87


for determining extent of protection A 69(1)


form R 32, R 35, R 36(1)


in the description R 27(1)(e)


in the request for grant R 27(1)(d)


invitation to file ~ in amended form during opposition proceedings R 58


late-filed or missing ~ A 91(6); R 43


prohibited matter R 34(1)(a),(2)


publication of ~ in the abstract R 33(4)


- see application documents




on goods imported and exported by the EPOrg ProPrIm 4, ProPrIm 5, ProPrIm 6, ProPrIm 7


duties of office


of the employees of the EPOff A 12

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