Requests for PCT Direct 

Applicants may request to have their international application processed under PCT Direct by filing a letter ("PCT Direct letter") containing informal comments aimed at overcoming objections raised in the search opinion established by the EPO for the priority application. Such informal comments are to be understood as arguments regarding the patentability of the claims of the international application and also possibly as explanations regarding any modifications to the application documents, in particular to the claims, in comparison with the earlier application. PCT Direct letters do not form part of the international application.

Upon receipt of a PCT Direct letter, the international application will be processed under PCT Direct only where the following two requirements are met:

the informal comments are filed together with the international application with the receiving Office in the form specified in GL/PCT‑EPO A‑IV, 1.2, and
the international application claims priority of an earlier application searched by the EPO (European, national or international first filing). 

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