The title 

The items making up the request do not normally concern the examiner, with the exception of the title. Rule 5.1(a) stipulates that the description "shall first state the title of the invention as appearing in the request".

The title must be short and precise. The examiner reviews the title in the light of the description and claims and any amendments thereto, to make sure that the title, as well as being concise, gives a clear and adequate indication of the subject of the invention. Thus, if amendments are made which change the categories of claims, the examiner should check whether a corresponding amendment, which may not go beyond the disclosure in the international application as filed, is needed in the title (see also GL/PCT‑EPO B‑X, 7). See also GL/PCT‑EPO H‑III, 7.

For further provisions specifically related to the title, see ISPE Guidelines 16.35 - 16.38.

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