The EPO Quality Policy

EPO quality policyThe EPO is dedicated to meeting or exceeding its stakeholders' needs and expectations and to remaining global quality leader in patent products and services. The performance and reliability of the EPO are based on the professional competence and personal responsibility of its management and staff. The management and staff commit themselves to the following principles:

Legal certainty

The users of the European patent system expect that patents granted by the EPO have the highest presumption of legal validity. The EPO therefore grants patents and provides decisions fully consistent with the applicable legal framework, in particular the requirements of the EPC and other international treaties, in both an efficient and timely manner.


The EPO provides reliable, efficient and effective services for the benefit and satisfaction of all users of the European patent system and European society.

Continual improvement

The EPO commits itself to continually improving its training, tools, procedures and processes with a view to enhancing the thoroughness, consistency and timeliness of its products and services and the skills and competences of its staff.


The EPO has a culture that encourages and empowers management and staff to participate in quality improvement activities.

Informed decision making

Decisions taken at the EPO are based on facts enabling it to review, challenge and adapt planned actions as well as to improve the products and services it delivers.


The EPO engages with its users to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its processes and services.


The top management of the EPO is committed to this Quality Policy through active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by example. In pursuing these principles the EPO builds on the culture of quality and excellence that has established its reputation.

as of 5.7.2017 

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