Daily D questions

For something more challenging, you can sign up for our Daily D questions. Starting on 26 September, you will be sent a question a day for twelve weeks. You can upload your answers to a forum for assessment by a tutor, who will post the correct answers in the forum at the end of each week.  

By signing up to the Daily D questions mailing list, you are subscribing to daily emails between 26 September and 16 December 2022, each notifying you that a new question is available.

The data you provide when signing up will be used only to send you those emails and to create an account for you in our elearning centre, where the questions and related material will be posted. Once you have been sent all the emails in the 2022 series, the mailing list will be deleted, but your elearning centre account will remain active. For more information about how your data is protected, please see the elearning centre "Privacy statement" and the "Terms of use" of the EPO website.

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