FAQ - European patent administration certification

Is this exam only for candidates from EPO member states?

No, the exam is open to everyone.

Where can I sit the online EPAC exam and is anyone else allowed to be in the room with me?

You can sit the online EPAC exam at any suitable location, e.g. your home or workplace. However, no other person is allowed to be in the room with you.

How often can I enrol for the EPAC?

You can enrol every year.

How often does the EPAC take place?

It takes place once a year, at the end of the year.

Will any resources be supplied with the examination papers, such as calendars with EPO office closed dates, a schedule of fees or PCT Applicant's Guide annexes?

No additional resources will be provided.

Where can I find out more about tailormade EPAC training courses?

EPAC training and preparation material will soon be available in the European Patent Academy’s e-learning centre. Sign up for the EPO newsletter and Academy email alerts to stay tuned.

If I hold a similar national certification, am I automatically entitled to the EPAC?

No, you must take the EPAC.

How can I follow the training programme? Will courses be online or classroom-based onsite? How comprehensive is the training material? How much will I have to pay?

Courses will be available online and free of charge. They will provide access to over 20 PowerPoint presentations and related documents. Almost all the topics defined in the syllabus will be covered.

If I withdraw after enrolling, can I get a refund if I present a medical certificate?

No, enrolment payments are non-refundable (and cannot be used for subsequent enrolments).

To enrol, do I need proof that I have been on a course?

You can enrol for the EPAC exam without following any courses, and you don't have to enrol for the exam to follow the EPO's EPAC course.

How you prepare for the EPAC exam is up to you.

The EPO's Academy provides training materials, and external providers will likely offer EPAC courses in the future.

What is the minimum score I need for the full examination paper to be marked?

If a candidate gets less than eight points in the first part of the exam, then the second part is not marked. If, however, after a successful review process, the candidate gets eight points or more for the first part, then the second part will be marked.

Can I get an invoice for the EPAC exam fees?

No, candidates only receive a payment confirmation.

How long are exam passes valid?

The EPAC is a certification – it is not valid for a particular period of time. By passing the EPAC you show that on the date of the examination you were able to manage the work of a patent paralegal.

Can I register for the mock exam without enrolling for the real exam?

No, the mock exam is only open to candidates who have enrolled for the real exam.

I see that virtual sessions will soon be offered on the EPAC Training material webpage. When will these virtual sessions take place?

We will be offering virtual sessions for EPAC 2023. We hope to be able to offer virtual sessions for EPAC 2022 from the end of October 2022.

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