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National full-text data

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Character-coded full-text extracts from the EPO's master database cover France, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The bulk data is provided in an XML format that is fully compliant with WIPO/ST36. It is available as frontfile and backfile data.

With national full-text data you can:

  • download weekly frontfiles
  • get data in XML format with embedded images in TIFF (if available)
  • search character-coded full text using your own search interface, database or search engine
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1. Request sample data from

2. Order the product from

3. You will receive your user name and password for the download area by e-mail.

4. Download and process regular weekly exchange files (usually Tuesdays) or backfile data.

Format XML (ST36)
Embedded images in TIFF (if available)
Volume and update frequency Different collections have different data volumes and different update frequencies (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly).
Frontfile: Data for current year
Backfile: Data up to end of previous year; coverage depends on collections
Delivery Frontfile data can be downloaded from the Download area.
Backfile data is available on hard disk.
Price EPO products and services - price list

The EPO's bulk data sets are also referred to as "raw data products" or "EPO databases". 

At present we offer subscription products for the following collections only:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

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