Release notes: Online Filing 2.0

22 July 2021

All forms

  • Additional documents: clearing the checkbox Add documents to submission removes the uploaded document
  • Sequence listings in PDF format can no longer be attached
  • Maximum file size allowed is now 300 MB
  • Maximum package size allowed is now 500 MB
  • For submissions in draft status: Draft in the heading next to the form number is now shown in the GUI language

EP 1200

  • For party Natural person, the address for correspondence information is now included in the submission package
  • Fee 033 - Renewal fee for the 3rd year is now available for selection
  • Sequence Listing are part of the submission package

EP 1001

  • Italian patent application or utility model priority numbers are now accepted

23 June 2021

  • EP 1038 Filing, search & examination
    • Amount of the fee for further processing (fee code 123) is calculated automatically, depending on the fee(s) selected
    • Checkbox for Rule 6(4) EPC (The/Each applicant is a natural person or an entity under Rule 6(4) EPC) is not present for applications with date of filing before 01.04.2014
    • Name of represented party is now rendered correctly on the ep1038.pdf
  • EP 1001
    • Import from new online filing (CMS): any admissible non-EPO language selected is now imported
    • Import from new online filing (CMS): any request for re-establishment of rights is now imported
    • The additional filing fee for the 36th and each subsequent page (fee code 501) is displayed when users add specifications in .docx format
  • EP 1001, EP 1200
    • Description of documents uploaded under Additional documents, Other is shown in the interface language selected by the user
    • Documents uploaded under Additional documents, Other are numbered sequentially
  • PCT/RO/101
    • It is now possible to create a template from a draft
  • All forms
    • Tooltip for date fields does not overlap with the date picker
  • All forms, portal
    • The field Organisation now supports 128 characters
    • The timezone applied to all indications of time is Central European Time, regardless of the user's timezone
  • Address book import
    • Update of the error message displayed whenever there is an error associated with an address book import
    • It is now possible to import an address book with up to 5 000 entries
    • All discarded regions are mentioned in the import log
  • Portal, Access rights / permissions
    • All the forms available are now shown by default
    • Users with permission to send can now see the submission package
    • Update of the message displayed when a user is removed

20 May 2021

  • For selected method of payment “Debit from deposit account”, fee 005 (Designation fee - For all contracting States designated for applications filed on/after 01.04.2009) and fee 008 (Additional printing fee for 36th and each subsequent page are available for selection).
  • It is possible to sort by Application number in tab Submission
  • EP1038 Filing/Search/Exam: for method of payment “Automatic debit order”, fee 002/Fee for a European search - Applications filed on/after 01.07.2005) is not any longer shown
  • Mandatory asterisk for field "Registration No. of association of professional representatives" is now present in all forms
  • EP1001: Select checkbox "Request for examination in an admissible non-EPO language (Article 14(4) EPC)" is present after re-opening a draft
  • Address book: if new contact is added to the existing address book they are shown on the GUI
  • EP1001: Fee 006 (Examination fee - For applications filed on/after 01.07.2005), discount is calculated automatically.
  • EP1200, EP1001: for method of payment “Automatic debit order” number of EPO deposit account remains when user returns to draft.
  • EP1038 Filing/Search/Exam: Fees 005, 015, 016 have got maximum values.
  • EP1038: Filing date field is moved to the tab “Fees” and does not becomes available if payment method “automatic debit order” or “not specified” has been selected.

22 April 2021

  • Filter retrieves all types of statuses
  • EP1200, EP1001: for automatic debit order, the deposit account number is present when draft is reopened
  • EP1200: not informing the content of an attached translation of a PCT application results in a severity one error message
  • EP1038 – opposition: document Affidavit is shown once in the dropdown list
  • EP1038 Filing, search and examination: fees are still present when draft is reopened
  • Save as template an imported draft: technical issue resulting in blank tabs is solved
  • EP1200: if EPO is elected office, in document tab, the checkbox “Translation of description amended under Article 34 PCT” is selectable only if “Language of the internal publication” is not French, German or English
  • It is possible to attach more than once the following documents in a same submission:
    • EP1038 Filing, search and examination: acknowledgement of receipt
    • EP1038 Opposition: acknowledgement of receipt, Clean copy of amended claim(s), Clean copy of amended description, Clean copy of amended drawing(s), facts and arguments
  • It is possible to attach the following documents in a form:
    • EP1038 Opposition: amended claims with annotations, amended drawings with annotations, amended description with annotations

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