What alternatives are there should the available internet connection not be suitable?

Should a VICO not be possible at a specific location due to an unsuitable internet connection, you may need to go to an alternative location nearby where there is a suitable internet connection.

Parties who are attending oral proceedings are strongly advised to arrange a test call before the date of the oral proceedings. This should be done in good time (preferably two to three weeks – but at least five working days – beforehand), but not more than a month in advance, because of potential software updates. Needless to say, the test call should be carried out from the location and with the equipment that will actually be used by the party during the proceedings.

To arrange a test call with us, please send an email to and include your preferred date, your application number and the name and contact details (phone number and email address) of each participant. We will then schedule a 30-minute test session (available Mondays to Fridays between 08.30 and 18.00 Munich / The Hague time) and send you an invitation with the connection details for the call.

The test will be an opportunity to check that:

  • The VICO application works properly
  • The connection is stable and both audio and video are of adequate quality.
  • It is possible for both sides to present content.
  • Access to multiple voice channels is available for simultaneous interpreting.

Postponement of oral proceedings on the ground of the technical connection may be considered only where all reasonable efforts have been made to meet the technical requirements and a test call with all the parties demonstrates that a suitably reliable connection cannot be established.