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Unitary Patent system in force and data now available

The Unitary Patent (UP) system was officially launched on 1 June 2023. Since then, UP-related data has begun to feed into our systems and is available and searchable in various EPO databases, tools and services, including the European Patent Register and Espacenet. In the Register, for example, you can now see requests for registration of unitary effect for EP patents.   

The recently launched Unitary Patent information in patent knowledge page provides all you need to know about UP-related data in one place. It has an overview of which patent knowledge products contain what UP-related information, more details on the various products you can use and links to other resources. It's not only a good starting point to discover what UP-related information is available where, it's also regularly updated to ensure you get the latest information.   

Keywords: Unitary Patent, patent knowledge, European Patent Register