What can I do if the text of the patent specification as published is not the one I approved?

If a decision to grant contains an error made after the text has been approved by the patent proprietor (e.g. if the examining division erroneously changes the wording of a claim), such that the text as granted is not that approved by the proprietor, then the patent proprietor is adversely affected by that decision and is entitled to appeal (G 1/10, point 12 of the reasons).

Such errors must be distinguished from printing errors/errors in publication. Printing errors are errors that occur in the publication process. If such errors occur, the content of the printed specification will differ from that of the documents (Druckexemplar) transmitted to the applicant with the communication under Rule 71(3) (EPO Form 2004) and approved by him.

Printing errors/errors in publication can be corrected at any time.