If someone leaves my company, how can I make sure that they no longer have online access to our confidential information?

Your company administrators are responsible for ensuring that the person no longer has access to your confidential information. This will not be done automatically by the EPO. 

Your company administrator should: 

  • go to the “Company members” option in the Admin area, and remove the user by clicking on the user name and selecting the option to delete the user from the company 
  • use the Admin Area of MyEPO Portfolio to check that the list of users with administration rights is up to date, especially if the departing person was a company administrator.​ 
  • reallocate files of a departing professional representative immediately. If you need instructions on how to do this contact Note: the EPO does not automatically re-allocate files without specific instructions 
  • submit a request to the EPO to change the association of professional representatives and remove a departing professional representative.  

The person leaving the company should: 

  • Join their new company via MyEPO Portfolio. If this is not possible, contact to update the company and deposit account linked to their EPO account or smart card.​ 
  • Update their EPO account settings to change the email address associated with their EPO account and: 
  • ensure continuous access to their new email address, especially if it is used for two-factor authentication 
  • consider having at least two backup methods for two-factor authentication to mitigate the risk of losing access to their old email account  
  • If they are a departing professional representative, inform the EPO’s Legal Division of their change of business address.  

Note: the EPO does not automatically change user details without specific instructions.​ 

For more information, please see: MyEPO Portfolio feature guide - managing user access in MyEPO Portfolio