IP Teaching Kit

IP teaching kits

The IP Teaching Kit (IPTK) is a follow-up to the successful Patent Teaching Kit launched in 2010 by the European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office (EPO).

With the IPTK you have at your disposal free of charge an extensive set of professional teaching materials which represents one of the most comprehensive IP teaching resources in the world.

Produced by the EPO in co-operation with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the IPTK includes ready-made PowerPoint slides with speaking notes and additional background information. The speaking notes can be read out as they stand. The background information provides additional details which will help you prepare for the more advanced questions that students might have. It is not intended for this information to be included in the lecture.

The IP Teaching Kit will enable you to put together lectures and presentations on all kinds of IP, including patents, utility models, trade marks, copyright, designs and trade secrets. It is made up of the following modules: IP Basics, IP Advanced I and II, IP Search Tools and IP Management. It also includes two case studies that were part of a special issue on IP management of the California Management Review produced in collaboration with the EPO and the University of California Berkeley.

The materials can be tailored to your students' background (science or engineering, business or law), their knowledge of the topic, their learning goals and the time available.

Watch our tutorial for teachers and lecturers on how to plan a lecture with the IP Teaching Kit.

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