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15 December 2011

The EPO has launched a new web-based consultation platform for proposed changes to European patent law and practice.

The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the early involvement of the users of the patent system in the law-making process of the European Patent Organisation. It will be a broad-based user consultation, open to all.

How it works

The EPO will publish on its website preliminary drafts of proposed amendments to European patent law and practice, such as major changes to the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention (EPC), to the Rules relating to Fees or to examination practice.

The public will then be invited to submit comments on these drafts, and all responses will be analysed carefully.

By opening up the process to the public, the EPO aims to increase transparency, and, ultimately, enhance the usefulness of changes for users of the patent system.

The first user consultation has already been launched on a proposed amendment of Rule 53(3) EPC, and runs until 20 January 2012.

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