EPO and CPVO agree on bilateral co-operation

11 February 2016

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CPVO President Martin Ekvad and EPO President Benoît Battistelli. The EPO today signed an Administrative Arrangement with the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) to enhance their cooperation.

The two organisations agreed to further strengthen their relationship through the exchange of information in the area of plant-related patents and plant variety rights. The Arrangement was signed in Munich, where the CPVO delegation, led by President Martin Ekvad, was welcomed by EPO President Benoît Battistelli.

The EPO and the CPVO agreed to a number of measures which will increase transparency between the two organisations by sharing working practices regarding the use of their databases and other work tools. In addition there will be a greater exchange of knowledge and information through joint training activities to increase technical awareness and legal expertise. This will be complemented by the organisation and participation of the two offices in conferences, courses, workshops and other meetings of mutual interest.

After signing the agreement, President Battistelli said, ‘Today we have made a firm commitment to strengthen the ties between our offices through a series of joint measures. There are close links between the work of the EPO and the CPVO and this agreement will allow our organisations to benefit greatly from each other's knowledge and expertise'.

President Martin Ekvad added, ‘I am happy that the cooperation between CPVO and EPO has been formalized. We look forward to exchanging ideas and knowledge with the EPO with the aim of maintaining high quality decisions in both institutions. The EPO has a worldwide reputed IP academy and the Pvr system will now be part of a coming study on IPR contribution to economic performance and employment in the EU'.

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