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Updates on Y02 and Y04S

Overview of the currently available Y02 (Climate Change Mitigation Technologies) codes

Overview of the currently available Y04S (Smart Grid) codes

The inventories of the Y tags are updated by running search algorithms designed by expert examiners and relying on other CPC symbols, IPC symbols and keywords.

On 01 January 2013, the EPO and USPTO jointly launched the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), replacing the European Patent Classification (ECLA) and other codes that were used in the search algorithms to allocate the Y02 and Y04S tags.  Due to the CPC and related IT changes, the search algorithms and associated update processes have been revised.  These changes will also allow us to update the Y-codes with a higher frequency in the future.

The current update status is as follows:

 Section Status
Y02A (Adaptation to climate change) December 2021 
Y02B (Buildings) December 2021
Y02C (Capture and storage of greenhouse gases)  December 2021
Y02D (ICT aiming at the reduction of own energy use) December 2021
Y02E (Production, distribution and transport of energy) December 2021
Y02P (Industry and agriculture) December 2021
Y02T (Transportation) December 2021
Y02W (Waste and wastewater)  December 2021
Y04S (Smart grids) December 2021