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Secure EBD ST.36 files (weekly download) - for national patent offices only

Decommissioning of EPO Smartcards

Please be informed that in the course of 2024 you will not be able to access EDB secure date via the Smartcard access point. The new access point will be via the Single Access Portal (https://epn.epo.org/) using 2FA. Once logged into Single access portal you will find the EBD page by following this path: Applications->Data Exchange-> Secure Bulk data set: EBD. If you do not have access to this page, this can be requested by sending a mail to nos@epo.org.


Notes: These files are ZIP files. To open them you may need the Winzip program. Once unzipped there will be two text files containing data for A and B documents - these files can be very large (up to 20-45 MB). If there are problems with the download or, as an EPO National Office, you have special requirements please contact the EPO