Climate protection - everyone can do their bit!

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The European Patent Office hosts consumer organisation's info exhibition

Making climate protection part of our daily lives is actually really easy and can even be rewarding - so goes the key message of the exhibition mounted by Bavaria's consumer organisation under the motto "Climate protection - everyone can do their bit!". Whether out and about, at home or shopping, it teaches us what we can do and that every little helps. The European Patent Office in Munich is hosting the exhibition from 17 June to 10 July 2013 in the foyer of its premises at Bayerstraße 34.

How to pull the plug on electricity guzzlers? What are the benefits of virtual answering machines in fixed-line networks? How can CO2 emissions caused by flying be offset?

Different topic stands invite visitors to discover the truth about greenhouse gases in everyday life. A short film entitled "Generation Klima" documents how young people deal with climate change as they question their future chances.

A quiz stand offers visitors the opportunity to test their "climate fitness". And for children, there's a photo wall and quiz game.

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm (closed for a private function on 28 June 2013).

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