Normal functioning of the EPO

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27 November 2014

A current industrial dispute involving strike action at the European Patent Office (EPO) has been the subject of some recent public comment.

Unlike national civil servants in some European countries, the civil servants of the EPO are free to exercise the right to strike. 

Some of them have chosen to do so on a number of days in November and December for reasons which reflect opposition to all reforms implemented in recent years and in particular to the project to create a performance-based career system. 

The strike figures are the following

20.11.14             2538 staff representing 36,7% of the workforce
25.11.14             1580 staff representing 22,8% of the workforce
26.11.14             1455 staff representing 21,07% of the workforce

The European Patent Office regrets the unnecessary disturbance caused by these actions, but once again reassures the public that all measures to ensure the normal functioning of the Office are in place and that services to users remain unaffected.   

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