EPO supports Munich “Science Days”

28 November 2017

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The EPO, alongside the Bavarian government and the City of Munich, is one of the main sponsors of this year's Munich Science Days ("Münchner Wissenschaftstage"). Aimed at promoting science and technology among the general public, this four-day event encompasses a series of free lectures and presentations by scientists and technology experts, and visits by the public to some of the city's universities, public research institutes and R&D-intensive companies.

True to its concept of "knowledge for all" ("Wissen für alle"), the event aims to increase dialogue on science-related topics among those active in various fields of science and technology, and also among a wider general public audience of all ages, in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of these issues.

Running from 25 to 28 November, the 2017 Science Days are expected to attract some 30 000 visitors.

The EPO also contributed to the event with a lecture by Director for ICT Georg Weber on "Industry 4.0 - the technology landscape of tomorrow". Attended by some 200 people, the presentation shed light on the information side of patents and its benefits for the public, and generated numerous comments and questions from the audience.

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